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In Connecticut, home staging jobs involve transforming properties across cities like Hartford and New Haven. Staging professionals work closely with agents and property owners to showcase interiors, helping buyers visualize the potential of each space and contributing to successful sales. Connecticut’s mix of historic homes and contemporary residences demands versatile staging approaches. From revitalizing Victorian-era homes in Stamford to modernizing lofts in Bridgeport, home stagers in the state have the opportunity to apply their creativity to a variety of properties, ultimately enhancing their market appeal and facilitating faster sales.

Interior Designer

## **Full job description** **About us** Stage To Move is a home staging and design firm specializing in the luxury market. We offer a full suite of services and aim to cater to each need in the home selling process as well as interior design. Our 5 unique services include: - Concierge services- These services aides the client in the removal of items from the home prior to selling. This includes: online auctions, packing, shredding, disposal, and more. - Project Management and Updating: This service helps to restore the home in areas that need preparation for selling. For example, painting, flooring, lighting, renovations, and hardware selections. -